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Stan & Wes Holmes Huascaran Crevasse Rescue

Huascaran Crevasse Rescue – Photos from Wes & Stan Holmes from the USA

In 2006 brothers Wes & Stanley Holmes climbed Pisco & Chopicalqui with us. In 2009 they returned for a more ambitious expedition including attempts on Tocllaraju, Artesonraju and Huascaran.

They both successfully made the summit of Huascaran in good shape, but had a big adventure on the descent.


Wes & Stan on Huascaran Summit

On an easy slope during the descent which appeared to be totally good firm snow, one of them told us he looked down between his legs and remembers seeing a tiny pinhole in the snow. The next second the guide says “whoof – he disappeared into a hole”. He was safely dangling on a rope down there and the guide and porter quickly secured him and the rest of the party, but they all say it took a lot of effort to extract him as the hole was no wider than his shoulders.Wes & Stan emailed us these photos below of the rescueThe experience did not put them off and they sent us this testimonial also:

“Guide and staff were well trained & very professional. This is our second positive experience with Peruvian Andes Adventures. The second experience was even better than the first. We would have no hesitation using Peruvian Andes Adventures again”


Rescue Underway


Rescue Underway


Being Pulled from the Hole


The Hole


Safely Out

Our professional guides and climbing porters always take maximum care when climbing and assess risks carefully, but mountaineering is an inherently risky sport and in spite of all precautions taken accidents will happen. In this case, the training, professionalism and fast action of the guide and porter resulted in a happy outcomeWELL DONE Guide Wilder and porter Jorge


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