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Are you a family with active and adventurous children or teenagers?

We specialise in organising safe fully supported treks for families with young children or teenagers. Our trek crews delight in having active young people put on the trek routes with them and always make sure that they have a great trekking experience and have FUN!

We will consult with you regarding the ages of your children, their previous hiking and camping experience and general fitness, maximum hours in a day that they could be comfortable walking for, the type of terrain they are comfortable hiking on etc and then we will suggest some different trek options that could be suitable for them

Jennifer from Canada / Family Trek 13 days in Cordillera Huayhuash:
Two teenagers ages 12 & 14
Hi Anne, We’re back at home and already at work, quite a contrast from the mountains!
You probably saw from our survey that we were very happy with every aspect of the trek — each member of the crew was absolutely terrific at their job. The weather was generally very good for us, and somehow (I think we have the donkey-drivers to thank) we had absolutely the best campsite at every stop. . Although the trek was certainly not too easy (at least not for some of us — Tim seemed to race past everyone on the trail every day), we completed it without any major difficulties and we think the 13-day option was just perfect for our family. Thanks for your guidance from the very start of the planning stages.
Wishing you the best, Jennifer

Horses can be arranged for younger children to ride, with a horse handler to keep them safe.


Children’s Pony Trek

Andrew from South Africa / Family Trek Santa Cruz Ulta Trek 7 days:
Two children age 9 and 11
The food was excellent! And more than expected. Having Pizza, trout and other great food on the walk was appreciated. Being able to have horses for the while time for our children was exactly what we needed to complete the trek and without them we would not have been able to complete the whole trek. Nestor and team were very good on the trek and kept a very manageable constant pace, but still giving us enough time to enjoy the views while walking and having time to relax at camp. Thanks for a fantastic trip!

Extra porter(s) can go along if there are very young children to help parents carry day backpacks or to carry youngsters in a child carry backpack.


The Olleros to Chavin 3 day trek is an awesome little family trek and we can include some llamas with the carrying animals which the children always enjoy. There is a added advantage of being able to explore the interesting Chavin de Huantar ruins on the last day of the trek. The majority of these ruins are underground rooms and passages which the children find exciting to explore


Underground Chambers – Chavin de Huantar

Some Treks That Are Suitable For Families with Children or Teenagers:





*Treks noted as suitable for teenagers can also be good for young children – just ask us. Extra support can be arranged

*We say some treks are moderate to hard when thinking about children – what adults may consider as an easy hike could be moderate to hard for younger people, especially at altitude

We are flexible and are very happy to discuss with you what you would like to do or see, the amount of time you have and can modify trek itineraries or “tailor make” a trek route to suit what you would like to do. Many clients do their own research and have a preferred trek route and campsites and we can arrange the trek itinerary that you would like to follow

Tim & his family from the USA / Camping Trip and Hiking at LLanganuco Lakes:
Two teenagers age 17 & 18
“the team was well organised and helpful. Anne was very responsive. She provided valuable guidance as we planned the trip and offered suggestions to enhance our trip. Eli was patient and attentive. He made sure everyone knew the plans, looked out for the slower hikers among us & offered info about our surroundings”

Best Time to Go
May to September are considered to be the months with more settled weather and better chance to have nice hiking weather.

June, July & August are generally the dryer months in the Peruvian Andes but are also the busiest trekking months. May and September are “shoulder” months with some good trekking weather still possible and usually fewer other trekkers on the trails

Other Trekking Information: See our MENU Trek Services and Booking pages for a full description of services that we offer and general trek information

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