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Puya Raymondi with Pastoruri Glacier Option (tour by car)


The Puya Raymondi is a plant that grows in the higher places of Peru only. It is of the Bromeliacea family and it is a very interesting plant because it flowers just once in its life and it might have at least 20,000 flowers. The Puya Raymondi is pollinated by hummingbirds.

A tour by private vehicle deep into the Huascaran National Park along the impressive Puya Raymondi Valley where we see the towering Puya Plants scattered across the hillside. besides the amazing plants which are unique to this part of Peru, we appreciate beautiful mountain scenery and a crystal clear bubbling underground spring. NOTE that the puyas only flower every few years so it is not guaranteed that there will be plants in flower when you are there. However, even without flowers the plants are still an impressive sight.

There is the option to continue further along the valley for a view of the well known Pastoruri Glacier. In the past is was possible to hike up onto the glacier, but now the National Park have closed access to the glacier in an effort to preserve the delicate structure of the ice shelf which is rapidly retreating, you can walk only to the glacier face.
A full day is needed.

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