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Olleros to Carhuascancha & Chavin Trek


Timing: 6 days with options for 5 to 7 days
Grade: Moderate

*Llama Trek Option available for this trek!

Mix a remote trekking experience with local culture and history
If you want to escape from busy tourist trails and experience the magnificent beauty of nature in the mountains almost untouched by man and then the traditional living and culture of the warm and welcoming mountain people, then this is the trek for you.


Tumarina Lake – Huatzan peak 6395m (behind)

Our Olleros Carhuascansha trek is a magical journey into a remote and beautiful unspoilt area of the Cordillera Blanca not known to many other trekking groups. We follow an ancient pre Inca route and are treated to fantastic mountain views, waterfalls and many crystal blue mountain lakes and traditional Andean mountain villages.

On the return from the trek finish to Huaraz we stop to visit the archaeological site of Chavín de Huántar which was the centre of the Chavín culture, the oldest major culture in Peru existing from around 1000 to 300 BC. The site of

Chavín de Huántar is an incredible feat of engineering, with most of the construction being built underground in an extensive labyrinth of interconnecting chambers and tunnels.

This trek offers an exciting mix of moderate level trekking through beautiful countryside with local culture and ancient history. A good option for those who would like to experience the joys of hiking through the mountains but may not feel confident to tackle the other more demanding trek routes in the Cordillera Blanca

Adam / UK said: “We really enjoyed our trek. This was our first ever “trekking” holiday & we feel after our experience that we would like to do more.

Day 1: We drive past the village of Olleros to the start of the trail at Quisuar 3686m and start with relatively easy hiking following an ancient pre Inca pathway up the wide valley Quebrada Uqian. We start to see traditional local homes made of thatched grass and later we have our first views of the snow capped peaks of Shaqsha 5632m and Cashan 5716m. Our first camp is at the head of the valley at Sacracancha 4120m. Approx 5 ½ hours

Day 2: A long but not steep ascent to our first pass Punta Yanashallash 4700m. We pass a lake Laguna Huamanpinta just before reaching the top of the pass, and then we descend on a good path to our camp Jato in the valley at Shongo 3850m. In the Shongo valley we may meet local people caring for their animals. 7 to 8 hours walking slowly.

Day 3: A day of relaxing hiking on undulating terrain up the valley Quebrada Alhuina with it’s cascading waterfalls and beautiful small lakes. The massive snow covered peak of Huantsan 6395m comes into view dominating the skyline. We camp at Castillo 4350m. 4 to 5 hours

Day 4: We start with a slow climb to the pass of Portachuelo 4850m from where we are treated to splendid views of the mountains of Huantsan and Pamparaju. We descend easily through a lovely valley surrounded by granite rock mountains and arrive at our next camp at Rimarima 4300m in time for lunch.


Day 5: From our camp we climb up an Ichu grass covered hillside to the pass Mesapata 4600m. This is a spectacular day with awe inspiring views of many snow covered mountains, beautiful plants and a variety of animals and from the top of the pass we take in the view of Tumarina and Tumagarañon Lakes. From the pass we descend into the Carhuascansha Valley to camp 3935m. About 6 to 7 hours for the day.

Day 6: Descend down the valley Carhuascansha on a wide path to the mountain village of Yuracyacu. and the a short uphill to a saddle from where we look down on a village of San Marcos 2964m. We descend down to San Marcos where our private vehicle will be waiting for us. It is about an hour by vehicle to Chavin de Huantar where we will spend about an hour visiting the archeological site and ruins before we take the 4 hour drive back to Huaraz, arriving around 7.00pm.

7 day option: we stay an extra night at spectacular Rima Rima campsite and make a full day hike to visit the beautiful Llanganuco Lake, spending time there to enjoy the magnificent mountain surroundings.

5 Day Option: For people who are fit, fast and well acclimatized, it is possible to do this trek in 5 days


Underground Chambers at Chavin

Map – trek route
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