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Cordillera Blanca Climbing Instruction 3 to 5 days


Cursos de escalada con instructores profesionales con experiencia y con certificación internacional UIAGM

We offer short climbing courses on Vallunaraju mountain from 3 to 5 days.

Vallunaraju (5686m) is conveniently situated close to Huaraz. It is where the Peruvian mountain guides go to train and is an excellent instruction site with a variety of slopes, ice walls and crevasses to practise on.

Courses for beginner climbers through to experienced climbers wanting to extend their technical skills, to lead climb & become proficient with rescue techniques.

On the final day you climb to the summit of Vallunaraju (or you can choose to have an extra day instruction)

Trevor from the UK who did a 5 day climbing course said this: It was a real pleasure to be in the Cordillera in the company of such a group of professionals´s especially my excellent instructor who´s patience and drive to push me really did ensure I got the most out of my course!!

Follow up the course with making a summit!!


Happy Climbing Students Berne & Karen On Vallunaraju Summit

These courses outlined are a sample only. We are completely flexible and can design a course for you of longer duration or a mixture of rock and ice climbing, or a special course to cover techniques that you particularly want to practise.

When you arrive in Huaraz, we hold a briefing meeting with your guide to ascertain your current skill levels and what you would like to most achieve from your course, enabling your guide to develop your course to extend you and help you to achieve your goals.

Beginners Climbing Course (3 to 5 days)


Happy Climbing Students Berne & Karen On Vallunaraju Summit

Instruction on basic techniques and safety for first time climbers or people with only a little climbing experience.

The 3 day course includes instruction on using crampons & ice axe, self arrests, glacier travel, crevasse awareness, rappel, belay, snow stakes, ice screws. With 4 or 5 days we practise your new skills more so they are more familiar and then extend you further with some crevasse rescue techniques and ice wall climbing.

Berne & Karen from New Zealand did a 5 Day Climbing Instruction Course & Summits Program: Over all three of our climbing adventures al staff, guides, cooks, porters & donkey drivers looked after us with great care & consideration, even in our moments of terror and triumph in the snow. Due to our lack of Spanish it was great to have guides with such good English. It made it easier during the instruction and any incidents that occurred. This is our second trip with Peruvian Andes Adventures. Top Marks! A special thanks must go to all involved to make our second trip here one not to forget. (Thanks to Berne & Karen for many of the photos)

Intermediate Climbing & Rescue (3 to 5 days)


Designed to expand and re-develop essential skills for people with some basic climbing techniques:

Snow & ice climbing, placing anchors, belay and rope skills, glacier travel techniques, route selection & navigation, weather conditions, lead climbing, avalanche awareness, emergency shelter, crevasse & alpine rescue.

Ice-Climbing-instruction Climbing-instruction-Cordillera-Blanca

Technical Climbing & Advanced Rescue (3 to 5 days)

Aimed at improving skills for people who already have strong basic climbing skills and who will become lead climbers.

Includes: leading & placing protection on steep ice and mixed terrain, self rescue techniques, efficient belay & rope management techniques, rappelled descents of steep ice, snow rock & ice anchor systems, route selection & navigation skills, crevasse rescue and evacuation from the mountain, emergency shelters.


Rock Climbing (2 or 3 days)

The Llaca Valley is situated close to Huaraz and contains a multitude of climbing routes, from beginner level to technically difficult routes. We have specialist rock climbing instructors who will custom make a course and select routes to suit your level of ability and to further extend your skills and abilities.

Kathleen from Canada 3 day rock & ice climbing course said: I had an amazing trip and can’t wait to get back there!!


Climbing Instructor Falls Though the Ice into a – 10°C Pond!

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Contact us for more information and prices.

If you know, tell us the approximate dates that you would like to be climbing and the number of people in your group, as well as if you prefer a private climb or would be happy to join with other people.



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