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The Highlights Full Day Tour – Caraz, Yungay, Mountain Views

A delightful tour spending a relaxing day combining a variety of cultural experiences.
First we stop just outside Huaraz to visit the ancient pre-Inca Ruins of Wilkwain.

Then we will take a turn off the main road to Jangas village in to the Cordillera Negra hills and after 20 minutes we come to a lookout called “El Mirador” from where we can take in magnificent views of the snow capped mountains on the white Cordillera Blanca.

After taking photos of the mountains we stop to visit the memorial to the people of Yungay. The town of Yungay was completely destroyed in the earthquake of 31 May 1970. The earthquake caused a massive avalanche of rock and ice from the west wall of Huascaran which reached devastating speeds as it dropped over 3 vertical kms on it’s way to Yungay 14kms away. The town and almost all it’s 20,000 inhabitants were buried. The site is now a memorial with flower gardens and monuments to the thousands who perished.


Yungay with Huascarn Behind                                               Yungay Memorial

Our final stop is the attractive market town of Caraz. The feature of the town is the colourful and vibrant local market which is always bustling with activity selling fresh food, basketry, traditional gourd bowls, religious candles, hats and much more. We tour through the market and then have a delicious picnic lunch relaxing in the grounds of the cool grassy Plaza Del Armas.


Caraz Plaza Del Armas                                               Caraz Market

On the return journey to Huaraz we can choose to visit Chancos Village where there are some inviting thermal springs hot baths. Take time to enjoy a relaxing soak in the thermal baths!
IMPORTANT: All cultural sites around Huaraz are closed on Mondays.

Music, Dinner and fun!
Finish your cultural experience in Huaraz with a relaxing evening entertainment. We can organise for your group an evening of traditional music, with a local group playing folk music from many different areas of Peru. Relax with a delicious dinner, some beer or wine and an evening of delightful music.
Available in Morales Guesthouse and the San Sebastian Hotel.


2008 group enjoying a traditional music evening

For groups staying at Morales Guesthouse, we can also prepare a special dinner with a traditional and favourite local Huaraz meal – the PACHAMANCA or CUY.

Pachmanca means “earth oven” and the meal features delicately spiced pork and chicken wrapped in leaves, along with different varieties of sweet potato and corn baked by hot rocks in an earth oven dug into the ground. The rocks are super heated by a fire lit inside the oven, and then the fire is extinguished and the wrapped food is placed on the hot rocks and then covered to bake. An absolutely delicious meal!


Preparing Pachamanca Oven                                               Delicious Pachamanca

CUY is the typical and famous Peruvian delicacy of guinea pig. Many of your clients will have heard of the Peruvian dish CUY and will like to try it.

VEGEATRIAN or FISH options are available for people who do not eat meat.


Guinea Pig!!

*Special dinners and music need to be booked in advance.

Contact us for more information and prices.


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